Drug Addiction in San Diego

california mansion website photoDid you know that the problem of drug addiction in San Diego is one of the highest in the U.S? Have you noticed any signs of drug dependency in any of your loved ones? If yes, there is no time to be wasted. Contact Our Addiction Rehab for help with drug dependency and treatment.

Drug Abuse Statistics in San Diego

If you believe that you are alone in your battle against drugs, you are wrong. Currently, there are over a 100,000 residents in San Diego who are struggling with drug dependency issues. Some of the statistics are presented here to shed some light on this grave situation.

  • According to recent estimates, San Diego is home to over 60,000 marijuana users and 26,000 users of prescription drugs.
  • Over 10,000 residents abuse cocaine and about 500 people use heroin.
  • About 4,500 residents use hallucinogens and about 2,500 use inhalants, often risking over dosage and frequent visits to the emergency room.
  • In the past year alone, over 7,600 people were arrested on drug related charges and over 5,800 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases were registered in San Diego.

If you find yourself getting attracted to any of these substances, it is better to seek help before it is too late. Contact Our Addiction Rehab today for help with drug addiction and relevant issues.

Seek Help if You Are Exhibiting Signs of Drug Dependency

There are many signs and symptoms of drug abuse. One of the most prominent symptoms includes neglecting any responsibilities at your workplace, home or at school. You may also observe a rift in your personal and professional relationships. If you find that a loved one is being secretive and constantly indulging in suspicious activities, make haste as there is no time left to spare. Bloodshot eyes, unusual pupil dilation, bouts of hyperactivity, paranoia and lethargy are all symptoms that are the result of substance abuse. Never ignore these signs and seek help immediately

Contact our team of professionals at Our Addiction Rehab today. We can help you or your loved one from succumbing to drugs.

Our Addiction Rehab for a Drug-Free Life

We, at Our Addiction Rehab, understand all the troubles that you may be going through as a result of your deadly habit. If you have made the decision to give up drugs, you are much closer to a healthy and happy life than you may think. Admitting that you have a problem is not an easy task and it takes courage. At Our Addiction Rehab, we will be doing everything possible to provide a smooth and effective treatment process for your complete recovery. We also provide psychological counseling services to every help-seeker at our facility to make sure that they are both mentally and physically prepared to give up drugs.

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Our Addiction Rehab is a well known drug treatment facility favored by San Diego residents. We employ a practical and compassionate approach to drug treatment to ensure that you are provided with the best treatment available. Contact us today to know more about our services.